LINC-Learning: specialists in eLearning design and development, specifically for 'hi-tech' product training.

Our mission is:

"To empower individuals with knowledge and expertise, to improve customer or staff productivity
and therefore help a business to grow through training."

What type of training are you looking for?

eLearning Services

Benefits of online product training

Job Aids

Just in time information

Software and Hardware simulations

Use simulations to replace expensive and complex systems, in the classroom or online.

New Product Training

Maintaining product knowledge within a company and across it’s extended Reseller network.

Getting Started Training

A must for all product launches.

Overview and Concept Training

Try a whiteboard style animation to really engage your audience.

How long will it take?

Project Planning

What to think about when planning an elearning project?

Development Time

How long does it take to create a course?

Why choose LINC-Learning?

Customer feedback …

This looks fantastic!!!!  and I love the user data tracking with google drive.

“Wow! I think I learned something! That is clear, succinct and really easy to understand explanation”

“I shared your whiteboard animation video with our Technical Director.  Very impressed”

“Thanks Adrian. Amazing that you got this done this week. I really like the Intro part showing content in the Touch Pad. And a nice story line with review of the content from the intro.”
“Hah! Just saw how you called out the Safety mode. Love it”

“Just watched the tutorial videos on Composer and wanted to compliment you on the quality (in terms of information and production) of the videos!”

Your tutorials are wonderful.  Very linear, the simple things like the highlights of mouse clicks, the conversational tone, the descriptions that tell me where we are going then show me how to get there, and the segment breaks so I can easily review one portion have made me feel like a expert (even though I’m not…yet)..”

Some of our clients…

ROOT6 Technology
Grass Valley