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Advanced User Training :: GV Director Tutorial

GV Director training

This is the fourth tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with the operational toolset. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. It was built in Articulate Storyline and has a sidebar menu control with search facility. It will play as HTML5 or Flash, dependant on the device and can be downloaded to iPad using the Articulate Player.

Having covered the basics of setting up and operating a GV Director system in previous tutorials this training moves on to look at some of its more advanced features including:

  • Alternative ways to add elements to the stage and how to save compound elements
  • Using secondary transitions
  • Creating and using an event list.
  • Understanding Effect Actions and how to access them.
  • Using GPIO
  • Modifying effect parameters (including use of RSS feed with Ticker effect)
  • Chroma Keying


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