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Control Surface Basic Operations :: GV Director Tutorial

GV Director Basic Ops Training

This is the third tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with the basic operational toolset. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. The 3D graphics and intro video were all built by LINC-Learning.
In this GV Director Tutorial you will have an introduction to the GV Director Control Surface and learn how to get started with the basic operational tool set.
The training begins with an introduction to the control surface layout. We then take a closer look at the Touch pad menus:

  • Live Camera Feeds
  • Transitions
  • Clips and Stills
  • Effects
  • Favorites
  • Event list

Next we will move on to mapping elements to the keyboard, as you would in preparing for a show, then use the keyboard to cut the show.
Finally we will look at managing the button mapping and setting up and using the stage to first preview items and then more importantly build and rehearse a compound element using a number of different production elements.


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