Job Aids

How much information do we keep in our heads to do our job, compared to say 30 years ago? The ratio has changed from 60-80% memorised data to about 20% today. This is of course because our culture has changed and information is far more readily available. We now learn techniques to search and find answers quickly rather storing the information. Together with the incredible speed of development of mobile technology and the move to more and more mobile learning, Job Aids or field training packages are becoming easier to create and deliver to the end user. Training developers are using web apps (in preference to native apps), eBooks and even Augmented Reality apps.
The benefits of Job Aids are the ability to have the information at your finger tips, without having to look for it, delivering the information ‘just-in-time’.

On the right is an interesting example of a Job Aid using Augmented Reality to create ‘just-in-time’ Product Training:



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