New Product Training

Maintaining product knowledge within a company and across it’s extended reseller network is vitally important to all customer facing teams: sales, support, pre-sales, professional services etc. The fact that eLearning can reach a world wide audience, crossing time zones and be taken any time and anywhere often means this is the only realistic way to roll out ‘Go-to-market’ training. At LINC-Learning we strongly believe that instructor led training cannot be replaced at all levels by online learning but new product training is one area where technology really can fill the gaps that classroom training cannot reach in the appropriate time frame.
New Product Training is often a balance of accuracy, in leaving the final content development until all the features and testing on a new product are complete, and getting the information out to the field in a timely fashion. Because of this time critical nature we find New Product Training is often more rough and ready, perhaps supported by webinars or content created by the program team and usually containing simple audio and visuals with little interaction. Having said that the content is highly valuable and if packaged correctly can be easily re-purposed to update user training courses or create little ‘how-to’ nuggets around particular features. At this point the content can be made more rich with interactions, knowledge checks or quizzes.
At LINC-Learning we have many years of experience working with program teams using the Agile development process and creating ‘Go-to-market’ training programs.




  • CardAgent Getting Started Getting Started Training :: CardAgent by Root6 Technology

    CardAgent is an add-on to the larger more complex software called ContentAgent. CardAgent is designed to be simple to use by anyone involved in ingesting camera card media into a facility. Therefore the number of users of CardAgent compared to ContentAgent will be much larger and the users may be less technically minded. The business goals […]

  • Avid MC7.0 NPI New Product Introduction Training :: Avid Media Composer 7.0

    The aim of this training was to bring Avid staff and Resellers up to speed with all the new features and functionality in the product release as quickly as possible. Hence research and development time were critical. The training was developed in Articulate Storyline and includes a modern grid style menu with module tracking, a […]

  • GV Director training Advanced User Training :: GV Director Tutorial

    This is the fourth tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with the operational toolset. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. It was built in Articulate Storyline and has a sidebar menu control with search facility. It will play as HTML5 or Flash, dependant on the device […]

  • GV Composer training Getting Started :: GV Director Composer

    This is a tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with GV Director Composer, a critical component of the GV Director workflow. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and software simulation. GV Director Composer is a graphics animation and compositing application that can run on a Mac or PC […]