Overview and Concept Training

Product overviews and explanations of product concepts and architecture often take the form of short videos and frequently cross over between marketing and training. They cover a wide range of audiences from customers who want a brief introduction to a product to a whole range of internal and reseller staff who are either just becoming familiar with a product or only need the top level information to be able to talk succinctly about a product.

Whiteboard animation style videos particularly lend themselves to this type of training. They are more compelling to watch than a traditional video and research has shown that viewers are not only far more likely to watch them to the end, than most other styles of video training, but memory retention is better and they enjoy the learning experience more. At LINC-Learning we currently offer a 20% discount on our rates for this style of content.


  • GV K2 Edge Training Technical Overview :: GV K2 Edge Playout Center

    This training is designed as a introduction to all the major components making up the K2 Edge Smart Playout Centre. It is aimed at both internal GV staff as well as customers and is a pre-requisite for the classroom based user training and technical training courses. The training includes branching, quizzes, module tracking, transcript for non-native English […]

  • GV Director Overview Training Product Overview :: GV Director Tutorial

    This is the first in the series of videos created as a suite of user training courses for a brand new product release: Grass Valley’s GV Director™. This is a typical 5 minute whiteboard animation style product overview. Customer comment: “Wow! I think I learned something! That is clear, succinct and really easy to understand […]

  • Axle software overview Training Product Overview :: axle

    This is an example of a whiteboard animation or scribble style animation created for my friends at ‘axle’ (http://www.axlevideo.com/) to explain the concept of their software. “Axle make media management radically simple”. The software connects to your own storage, using your existing folder setup. It doesn’t force you to check in files to special locations, or […]

  • GV Director Setup Training System Setup :: GV Director Tutorial

    This is the second tutorial in the GV Director series designed to help users setup and configure the system. The audience for this training included internal CS staff, Resellers as well as customers. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. The graphics showing the hardware rear panel were built from scratch. […]