Software and Hardware simulations

Simulations can be used to great effect with the online training toolset. They can be designed to re-create expensive and complex systems, dedicated pieces of hardware and systems running live data where students cannot be allowed to ‘play’. We have created simulations to be used in a classroom, so each student can gain experience rather than sharing a system, they have been used as job aids to help configure new hardware, and to accompany software training to recreate a process in a complex system.




  • CardAgent Getting Started Getting Started Training :: CardAgent by Root6 Technology

    CardAgent is an add-on to the larger more complex software called ContentAgent. CardAgent is designed to be simple to use by anyone involved in ingesting camera card media into a facility. Therefore the number of users of CardAgent compared to ContentAgent will be much larger and the users may be less technically minded. The business goals […]

  • GV Director training Advanced User Training :: GV Director Tutorial

    This is the fourth tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with the operational toolset. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. It was built in Articulate Storyline and has a sidebar menu control with search facility. It will play as HTML5 or Flash, dependant on the device […]

  • GV Composer training Getting Started :: GV Director Composer

    This is a tutorial in the GV Director series, designed to help users get started with GV Director Composer, a critical component of the GV Director workflow. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and software simulation. GV Director Composer is a graphics animation and compositing application that can run on a Mac or PC […]

  • Root6 ContentAgent course Getting Started Training :: ContentAgent by Root6 Technology

    The business goals in creating this Getting Started Tutorial were: To grow product sales. To make training more readily available to new customers, especially those running a 30 day trial version. To reduce the demand on the Product Manager’s time in delivering face-to-face instruction. This course covers everything from the basics, beginning with an overview of […]