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System Setup :: GV Director Tutorial

GV Director Setup Training

This is the second tutorial in the GV Director series designed to help users setup and configure the system. The audience for this training included internal CS staff, Resellers as well as customers. This training uses a combination of animated graphics and hardware simulation. The graphics showing the hardware rear panel were built from scratch.

In this tutorial we will look at connecting the components together and setting up the system ready for operation.

The tutorial begins with a review of the system components before taking a closer look at each one in turn. Here is a list of the components covered:

  • GV Director Server: Overview and input/output connections.
  • Multi-view display requirements and cabling.
  • GV Director Control Surface overview and rear panel connections.
  • GV Director Composer system requirements.
  • Powering the system On AND Off.
    (including simple power on check list)

We then move on to using the Control Surface touchpad to configure the system:

  • A step by step review from the powering on for the first time including:
    • Start-up screen and system registration.
    • Selecting a Production Pack.
    • Calibrating the Lever Arm.
    • Finally a review of all Control Panel settings including changing the video format and loading production packs and media clips/stills onto the system.


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