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Getting Started Training :: CardAgent by Root6 Technology

CardAgent Getting Started

CardAgent is an add-on to the larger more complex software called ContentAgent. CardAgent is designed to be simple to use by anyone involved in ingesting camera card media into a facility. Therefore the number of users of CardAgent compared to ContentAgent will be much larger and the users may be less technically minded.

The business goals in creating this Getting Started Tutorial were:

  • To make training readily available to existing AND new customers.
  • To demonstrate all the software features and hence grow product sales.
  • To reduce the demand on Support/Product Manager’s time in hand holding customers.

This course covers everything from the basics, beginning with an overview of the product and setting up and licensing the CardAgent software. It then delves into more detail on the various user interface panels within the application and covers different ways the software can be used using real world examples.
The course was built in Articulate Storyline and includes customised home menu and navigation, branching, module tracking, voice-over, a full transcript for keyword search and a resume feature so users can dip in and out of the training as required. Something to look out for is the fun ‘agent style’ quiz question and entry code at the beginning of each topic.


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